The organic humic organic amendment ENERVIT ORGANICO is a compost of animal and vegetable origin, which applied to the surface layer of the soil improves its physical and chemical properties. It is widely recognized in the agricultural sector for its rapid assimilation of nutrients by the crop, improving soil structure and harvest performance. ENERVIT ORGÁNICO […]


VIGORHUMUS POLVO is an organic humic amendment used to improve the properties of the soil, either taking advantage of its properties as agricultural fertilizer or country. The contribution of organic fertilizer in the form of biologically stabilized humic organic amendment favors to a greater extent the permanence of the nutrients to the soil. The action […]


VIGORHUMUS PELLET is an organic humic amendment used to improve soil properties, either by taking advantage of its properties as agricultural or landscape fertilizer. The contribution of organic fertilizer in the form of biologically stabilized humic organic amendment favors to a greater extent the permanence of the nutrients to the soil. The action of the […]


VIGORHUMUS H00 is an organic fertilizer made with materials of animal and plant origin, and obtained by composting; making it a biologically stable and sanitary correct product. It presents a high wealth of primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) NPK (1’81-1’4-1’4), micronutrients and organic matter, as well as in humic acids; so it improves the soil […]


VIGORHUMUS H-20 P is an organic fertilizer of 100% animal origin (poultry), stabilized and sanitized. It has a wealth of macronutrients NPK 4-2-3 and a high content of organic matter.


ENERVIT VEGETAL is an organic amendment with an important fertilizing richness due to its contribution in nitrogen and microorganisms. The brown coffee component is a material with a high potential for humic performance. Our product represents an economic and quality alternative to the organic amendments currently existing on the market. High organic matter content. The […]


VIGORHUMUS H-40 Pellet is an NPK 4-3-16 organo-mineral fertilizer certified for organic farming. Its high content of phosphorous and especially potassium provides the crop with the adequate nutrients in its flowering and fruiting stages and allows optimal development. It also highlights its organic matter content.   Product usable in Organic Agriculture according to Regulation (EC) […]


VIGORHUMUS H-46 Pellet is a fertilizer organo-mineral NPK 4-3-12 with certificate for ecological agriculture. His overhead content at phosphor and especially potassium provides at the crop the nutrients adapted at his stages of flowering and fructification and permits an optimal development. Also it excels his content at organic matter and humic acids.


ECORGAN humic organic amendment is a product with a high amount of organic matter and total humic extract. It improves soil structure, participating in the physical-chemical processes and providing adequate nutrition to the culture. This compost designed for extensive use, replaces the contribution of slurry and manure improving the stability of the elements of the […]


Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet is a special organo-mineral fertilizer for organic farming. It is characterized by its richness in potassium and micronutrients such as magnesium. Vigorhumus combines the best qualities of mineral fertilizer and organic fertilizer, providing an NPK ratio (4-6-10). It allows the incorporation of organic matter, creating a porous and airy soil. Its high […]

Vigorhumus H-90 P

VIGORHUMUS H-90 Pellet is a NPK 8-3-3 organo-mineral fertilizer certified by organic farming. Its high nitrogen content, along with the balance of phosphorus and potassium, gives the crop high rates of vegetative growth. Also important is its content in organic matter and organic nitrogen, promoting a controlled and sustained release over time of its nutrients.


FORTON is an organic fertilizer NPK 2,0-2,1-2,5 obtained solely from vegetable compost with a fraction of cow dung. He brings a wealth of major macronutrients like phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and micronutrients. Its organic origin improves soil properties, giving porosity clay soils and sandy soils disintegrating. CHARACTERISTICS: Being an organic compound from animal matter, […]