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VIGORHUMUS PELLET is an organic humic amendment used to improve soil properties, either by taking advantage of its properties as agricultural or landscape fertilizer. The contribution of organic fertilizer in the form of biologically stabilized humic organic amendment favors to a greater extent the permanence of the nutrients to the soil. The action of the substances of the decomposition of the organic matter that act in the physical-chemical processes of the terrain. It replaces the effect of the application of manure and other unstabilized organic elements to the soil, which in the long run present alterations caused by the phytotoxic substances of decomposing microorganisms.

VIGORHUMUS PELLET is registered in the Register of Fertilizers according to Royal Decree 506/2013 with the number F0003060 / 2027.

VIGORHUMUS PELLET provides a high content of organic matter to the soil, in addition to maintaining the carbon / nitrogen ratio (C / N) stable. Being a product obtained by aerobic composting under the corresponding quality controls, it is biologically stable and once incorporated into the soil, it reduces the variations of the nitrogen concentrations caused by decomposing microorganisms.
The most common fertilizer with VIGORHUMUS PELLET is to mix it with soil on which it is intended to cultivate or improve fertility. It can be applied before cultivation, incorporated with plantation soil, or mixed with the substrate. In long-term cultivation (multiannual), it is intended to be applied directly to the soil surface.
VIGORHUMUS PELLET is presented in pellet format between 0'5 and 1'5cm.
Available in bulk and bagged, specifically in bags of 25 kg and in big bag.

Format / Sizing:

25 kg. (bag)
S/P: 50
Ref: S12015

Ref: S12017

Ref: S12018

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