BURÉS PROFESIONAL is a family company formed in 1983 and located in Vilablareix (Girona), engaged in the production of substrates for gardening, growing substrates, fertilisers and organic composts, as well as products for biomass for fuels and biofilters.

The substrates and fertilisers are marketed under the brands PRODEASA and SICOSA.

PRODEASA is a brand specialising in the production of substrates, raw materials to produce substrates and mixes for out of soil cultivation applied to horticultural and ornamental production, nurseries and gardening. It encompasses different types of products, such as substrates, topsoils and mulches, among others.

SICOSA, a brand with a long tradition in the fruit and vegetable sector. With 50 years of experience, it has a broad range of fertilisers: amendments, organic composts, organo-mineral fertilisers, with slow and controlled release, soluble composts, foliar fertilisers, chelated micro-elements, hydrogels, peats and growbags, many of these products being suitable for organic farming.

Our philosophy

We are fully committed to the environment and caring for the natural surroundings, and we comply with all the legal regulations that apply to our activities and services.

We are committed to zero waste and we minimise generated waste to the essential.

Burés Mission, Vision and Values


We are a company that respects the environment. We use raw materials originating from organic waste.


We are leaders in the use of organic materials to produce substrates, fertilisers and biofuels.


The values that BURÉS PROFESIONAL and its wider community (employees, customers and suppliers) represent are those of: COMMITMENT to doing things well, RESPECT for people and the environment, PERSEVERANCE and PROACTIVITY for constant improvement.

Marketing strategy

We serve agricultural and gardening professionals through our wide network of resellers. To provide support to our network of resellers, we have a highly qualified, multidiscipline technical team specialising in the areas of horticulture, fruit growing, viticulture, gardening, nurseries and the environmental sectors of biofilters, biomass and composting.

The BURÉS PROFESIONAL S.A. sales team is ready to provide all types of support and advice necessary to obtain maximum results from the Burés products.

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