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MARRO DE CAFÉ is a product with an important organic and fertilizing richness, especially indicated in the agriculture, fruit growing, landscaping and large green areas.
This product represents an economic and quality alternative to the organic amendments currently existing in the market.

COFFEE MARRO is obtained from the manufacture of soluble coffee, in the phase of liquid coffee extraction by pressure and temperature.
It is a 100% vegetable product with a high humic yield potential.
Its organic matter content of an order> 99% s.m. is improved in the structure and retention capacity of soil water, as well as in its cation exchange capacity.
Of the contribution of MARRO DE CAFÉ, its high total humic fraction stands out (around 22%), of which 12.7% would correspond to humic acids.
COFFEE MARRO, significantly improves the fertility and structure of the soil to which it is incorporated, compacting the sandy ones and breaking up the clay.
• Increases water retention capacity.
• Activates microbial flora.
• Promotes the assimilation of nutritional elements such as Phosphorus and micronutrients.
• Improves the performance of the chemical subscriber.
That is why MARRO DE CAFÉ, meets the requirements demanded by the registration of fertilizers, to be classified as humic organic amendment.

MARRO DE CAFÉ is used as an organic soil amendment. It is applied by mixing it with the soil on which it is planned to plant or improve its structure.

COFFEE MARRO, is presented in bulk format, crushed so that a fine and non-powdered granulated product is obtained, which facilitates its transport and handling even by pneumatic systems.
After about 3-5 weeks, the crop can be planted.
Our Technical Department will advise you in the calculation of the real organic matter needs of your plot, as well as in the calculation and implementation of an enrichment program.

We recommend MARRO DE CAFÉ for a numerous and varied type of applications, among which we can highlight.
• Extensive agriculture: cereals, fodder.
• Forestry, viticulture, fruit and ornamental plantations.
• Revegetation of slopes near communication roads, after carrying out construction and recovery of poor-quality land from recesses.
• Restoration of degraded spaces such as quarries and industrial land.
• For use as a component of lands for landscaping and substrates.
• Agriculture, horticulture, floriculture: intensively exploited land.
• Decontamination of soils.

MARRO DE CAFÉ is registered in the Fertilizer Registry according to Royal Decree 824/2005 (RD506 / 2013), with number F0001465 / 2020.

Product that can be used in Organic Agriculture according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007

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