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ECORGAN humic organic amendment is a product with a high amount of organic matter and total humic extract. It improves soil structure, participating in the physical-chemical processes and providing adequate nutrition to the culture. This compost designed for extensive use, replaces the contribution of slurry and manure improving the stability of the elements of the terrain, avoiding the damage caused by microorganisms, Phytotoxins and nutritional soil disturbance, maintaining nitrogen levels.

ECORGAN occurs in fine powder form with a granulometry less than 10 mm. The product is obtained from vegetable and organic materials stabilized biologically, whereby the carbon / nitrogen (C / N) ratio of the product is stable i reduces the production of phytotoxic substances (organic compounds) to the culture by microorganisms floor. Add ECORGAN cropland to improve stability in the bulk density of the soil, equaling the oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio.
ECORGAN incorporated into the soil in fine powder form; either generally is to say, the entire surface stopped raining, or a localized manner, such as in the row of fruit trees. It is widely used in agriculture, particularly in tree crops (Viticultural), and in field crops (cereals, fodder).
Format fine powder particle size less than 10 mm. intense dark brown.
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