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FORTON is an organic fertilizer NPK 2,0-2,1-2,5 obtained solely from vegetable compost with a fraction of cow dung. He brings a wealth of major macronutrients like phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and micronutrients. Its organic origin improves soil properties, giving porosity clay soils and sandy soils disintegrating.

Being an organic compound from animal matter, acquires a high richness in humic and fulvic acids.
The application of organic material cation exchange favors therefore the assimilation of nutrients by the plant.
Its high concentration of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) provides the plant with ease of natural growth. These elements are involved in many cellular processes of plants, and act in the decomposition of soil organic matter.

The product can be applied as basal dressing or hedging. It can also be applied locally in woody crops.

With powder and pellet forms, it can be applied in various ways. The powder form allows sweep tractor and pellet format allows localized application.

FORTON is a fertilizer enrolled in the Registry of fertilizers with the docket number F0002996 / 2027, according to Royal Decree 506/2013 of fertilizer products.

Distributors throughout Spain.

Technical specifications
Minimum order pallet: 1
Minimum order big-bag: 1

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