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Vigorhumus H-90 P

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VIGORHUMUS H-90 Pellet is a NPK 8-3-3 organo-mineral fertilizer certified by organic farming. Its high nitrogen content, along with the balance of phosphorus and potassium, gives the crop high rates of vegetative growth. Also important is its content in organic matter and organic nitrogen, promoting a controlled and sustained release over time of its nutrients.

Vigorhumus H90 Pellet is a nitrogen-rich organo-mineral fertilizer (NPK 8-3-3); it provides regular and continuous nutrition during the crop, avoiding excessive releases or losses in the leachate. That is why it is more efficient and environmentally friendly.
During the manufacturing process, the product has been subject to quality control. The result is a chemically and biologically stable product with excellent health quality
Vigorhumus H90 Pellet can be applied as a background or as a fertilizer. It is recommended to use it in crops with high nitrogen requirements, working the soil a depth of 20 cm at the beginning of cultivation. The season of application is at the beginning of the vegetative growth of the crop.
Vigorhumus H90 Pellet is black between 0.5 and 1.5 cm long. Can be served in bulk, in a big bag or 25 kg bag.
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