Organomineral Fertilizers


VIGORHUMUS C-04 is an Organo-mineral fertilizer (NPK 8-4-8) certified for organic farming that guarantees organic humic material and a minimum content of secondary macronutrients and micronutrients. Its proportions in balanced primary macronutrients and its content in organic matter of more than 50% make VIGORHUMUS C-04 an organo-mineral fertilizer recommended for annual cycle crops. Product usable […]


VIGORHUMUS H-40 Pellet is an NPK 4-3-16 organo-mineral fertilizer certified for organic farming. Its high content of phosphorous and especially potassium provides the crop with the adequate nutrients in its flowering and fruiting stages and allows optimal development. It also highlights its organic matter content.   Product usable in Organic Agriculture according to Regulation (EC) […]


VIGORHUMUS H-46 Pellet is a fertilizer organo-mineral NPK 4-3-12 with certificate for ecological agriculture. His overhead content at phosphor and especially potassium provides at the crop the nutrients adapted at his stages of flowering and fructification and permits an optimal development. Also it excels his content at organic matter and humic acids.


Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet is a special organo-mineral fertilizer for organic farming. It is characterized by its richness in potassium and micronutrients such as magnesium. Vigorhumus combines the best qualities of mineral fertilizer and organic fertilizer, providing an NPK ratio (4-6-10). It allows the incorporation of organic matter, creating a porous and airy soil. Its high […]

Vigorhumus H-90 P

VIGORHUMUS H-90 Pellet is a NPK 8-3-3 organo-mineral fertilizer certified by organic farming. Its high nitrogen content, along with the balance of phosphorus and potassium, gives the crop high rates of vegetative growth. Also important is its content in organic matter and organic nitrogen, promoting a controlled and sustained release over time of its nutrients.

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