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VIGORHUMUS C-04 is an Organo-mineral fertilizer (NPK 8-4-8) certified for organic farming that guarantees organic humic material and a minimum content of secondary macronutrients and micronutrients. Its proportions in balanced primary macronutrients and its content in organic matter of more than 50% make VIGORHUMUS C-04 an organo-mineral fertilizer recommended for annual cycle crops.

Product usable in Organic Agriculture according to Regulation (CE) Nº834 / 2007 of the Council, of June 28, 2007. Certification Nº CT71PAE-19.9.

VIGORHUMUS C-04 provides a high and balanced wealth of main macronutrients. It provides the crop in a vegetative state with an optimal development since its high contribution of macronutrients avoids phytotoxicities. It is recommended for maintenance of crops and the initial phase of the vegetative state. It is specially designed for agricultural crops. It is also notable for its content in organic matter, which improves the nutrient absorption capacity of the soil by the plant and directly affects its physical and chemical structure.
VIGORHUMUS C-04 is used as a base or cover fertilizer. For multi-annual or woody crops, a superficial application is recommended, creating a thin layer. Its application as a base fertilizer allows the product to be incorporated homogeneously throughout the entire surface of the soil, favoring its structure and porosity. It is recommended to incorporate the product into the soil structure through superficial agricultural work.
VIGORHUMUS C-04 comes in powder and pellet formats. It is served in 25 kg bags, Big-bag and bulk.

Format / Sizing:

POWDER 25 kg. (bag)        PELLET 25 kg. (bag)
S / P: 50                                 S / P: 50
Ref: S22104                           Ref: S22170

POWDER Bulk                     PELLET Bulk
Ref: S22105                           Ref: S22172

Ref: S22108                           Ref: S22178

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