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VIGORHUMUS H-46 Pellet is a fertilizer organo-mineral NPK 4-3-12 with certificate for ecological agriculture. His overhead content at phosphor and especially potassium provides at the crop the nutrients adapted at his stages of flowering and fructification and permits an optimal development. Also it excels his content at organic matter and humic acids.

Vigorhumus H46 Pellet is an organo-mineral fertilizer rich in major macronutrients (NPK 4-3-12%), especially phosphorus, potassium and secondary macronutrients; it provides regular and continuous nutrition during the crop, avoiding excessive releases or losses in the leachate. For this reason it is more environmentally friendly.
During the manufacturing process, the product has been subjected at quality controls. The result is a stable product chemistry and biologically, and with an excellent sanitary quality.
Vigorhumus H-46 Pellet can apply comma at fertilising of fund or of coverage. It recommends utilise it as a fertilizer of fund, working the soil a depth of 20 cm at the onset of the crop. The season of app is at the beginning of the vegetative growth of the crop.
Vigorhumus H-46 Pellet is black between 0.5 and 1.5 cm long. Can be served in bulk, in a big bag or 25 kg bag.

Format / Sizing:
25 kg. (bag)
S/P: 50
Ref: S22080

Ref: S22085

Ref: S22088

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