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Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet is a special organo-mineral fertilizer for organic farming. It is characterized by its richness in potassium and micronutrients such as magnesium. Vigorhumus combines the best qualities of mineral fertilizer and organic fertilizer, providing an NPK ratio (4-6-10). It allows the incorporation of organic matter, creating a porous and airy soil. Its high content with humic and fulvic acids facilitates soil-plant cation exchange. The mineral part favors access to different nutrients, favoring the natural growth of the plant.

Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet is a product suitable for organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EEC) 834/2007 of the Council of June 28, 2007, on the production and labeling of organic products, licensed by the Agency and Sohiscert Certification with the certificate number NºCT71PAE-18.14.

Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet is registered in the Fertilizer Products Registry according to Royal Decree 506/2013 with No. F0003064 / 2027.

Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet composition based on natural compound enriched with humic lignites and then extracted, gives the fertilizer a high humic content. Its organic fraction maintains the fertility of the soil, avoiding infertility caused by chemical fertilizers over the years.
The pellet format makes work easier and prevents loss during handling. The product can be applied as a coverage subscription or funds. Its pellet shape allows the product to be located in the root absorption areas and at the same time to be swept with a fertilizer spreader.
Vigorhumus H-60 ​​Pellet is a fine dark gray or black pellet. It can be found in bulk, in a big bag and in a bag.
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