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PRODEASA substrates are manufactured from high quality raw materials that, precisely mixed, guarantee the effectiveness of the substrate, with adequate drainage and ventilation to the needs of each crop. Each of the substrates has a different composition and a custom subscriber.
All substrates are marketed with the corrected pH (5.5-6.5), and with a base fertilizer (NPK) for the start of the culture.
Among the PRODEASA substrates, there are four large differentiated lines in terms of type of material and its properties.

With disease suppressing effect.

Substrates made with Roldó composted and calibrated that have an important suppressive effect of neck and root diseases and at the same time a stimulating effect of plant growth.
Line of products that stand out for their drainage and aeration properties, as well as for their long-term stability.
Its formulation includes Sphagnum blonde peat and long coconut fibre for the RTC range.

The RT50 substrate is a combination of Sphagnum blonde peat and composted calibrated bark and organic fertilizer. It provides an organic blend of organic fertilizer Vigorhumus H00 and a ratio of 4kg / m³.


Applicable product for organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EC) Nº834 / 2007 of the Council, of June 28, 2007, on the production and labelling of organic products with the NºCT71PAE-18.6 Certification carried out by Sohiscert.

It is a very airy substrate with a high drainage capacity. Sphagnum peat provides a high-water retention capacity, and the bark has a coarse particle size that allows aeration and drainage.
The substrate incorporates a base fertilizer, which helps the plant in the first days of the plant. If you want to add an additional fertilizer, it can be incorporated into the screening process that will homogenize the product.
The substrate has a slight acidity, allowing the plant a better assimilation of nutrients.
The substrate is especially suitable for growing seasonal, conifer and shrub plants.
PRODEASA RT50 ECOLOGICAL is a growing substrate for nursery production of short-cycle plants and outdoor plants. It is suitable especially for all types of short-medium cycle plants and outdoor cultivation: Cyclamen genus; perennial, coniferous and shrubby plant.

Format / Sizing:

Ref: P01110

Bulk. Calibrated TR 20/40
Ref: P01111

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