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The new residential areas, as well as the new transport infrastructure, highlight the need to recover green spaces to improve the health of our environment, as well as our well-being.

The BVM-1 substrate is formulated from vegetable mulch from composting and volcanic sand of granulometry 0-6 mm.
Vegetable compost provides all the qualities of an organic amendment; The presence of organic matter helps water retention, in addition to maintaining the structure of the substrate and in the long term, it releases nutrients in small doses and gradually.
On the other hand, the volcanic material highlights its good aeration, chemical inertia and the stability of its structure.
In addition, the BVM-1 substrate for landscaped roofs, includes in its formulation a bottom fertilizer to facilitate rooting and start of cultivation.

Product advantages:
• High water retention capacity.
• Excellent drainage.
• High porosity.
• Low bulk density.
• High capacity of covering and formation of green tapestry (reduction of the appearance of weeds).

The entire manufacturing process, as well as the final product, is subject to our rigorous quality controls based on ISO-9001 and 14001 standards, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, as well as respect for the Environment in All our activities.

The BVM-1 substrate is an organic MIXING CROP SUBSTRATE, obtained from vegetable mulch and volcanic gravels. This product allows the implantation of a landscaped roof in SEMI-EXTENSIVE regime, or semi-extensive ecological covers or in some circumstances in intensive, in cultivation of plant species of low irrigation needs: Mediterranean type plant of low size, tapestries, and species adapted for low consumption gardening.
The BVM-1 substrate allows the implantation of the species in culture in a minimum layer of substrate that can be less than 10 cm thick. The use of thin layers of substrate helps to reduce the final load of the roof.
Landscaped or ecological roofs can reduce the environmental impact of buildings locally, in addition to offering a multitude of economic and ecological benefits:
• Management and use of rainwater.
• Energy saving: thermal insulation, protection against direct sunstroke.
• Mitigation of the “urban heat island” effect.
• Increase the longevity of the insulating membranes of the roofs.
• Creation of a more aesthetic and pleasant environment to live and travel.
But to enjoy all the advantages that a landscaped roof offers us, it is necessary an adequate selection of the plant species to be implanted, and of course, a suitable growth substrate.
The BVM-1 substrate for landscaped roofs is served in bulk and packed in big-bags of 1 m3 capacity.

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Ref: B30510

Ref: P32510

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