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The dressing is a mixture of plant compounds and materials sandy applied after scarification of the lawn. The scarification is a process that is usually done in spring or autumn. Scarify to break the top layer of the garden to get rid of the grass and straw mulch layer. After this process is appropriate to apply the dressing to cause the grass to create new buds and more thick.

The dressing is a product of professional Bures sandy texture, with a proportion of organic matter applied for extensions care of gardens. The presence of organic matter helps to maintain soil structure in the long term and gradually release nutrients in small doses. The application of a sandy material prevents the humus remains, recovering the soil permeability, promoting proper drainage or avoiding the appearance of fungi.
Scarified after the process of drilling or aeration of the land, apply a layer of top dressing of a centimeter across the lawn. The dressing improves the process of reseeding, because it prevents the seeds left with the wind or the water, and hinders the birds that eat them. In the priming process can be applied as fertilizer length Fertigreen Slow or go overseeding.
It comes in bulk and in format "Big Bag".
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