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Substrate made with 80% Sphagnum blonde peat and 20% black peat from the Latvian peatlands. Special for ornamental plants, with tolerance to salinity. The Plantobalt Substrate 0 is made with large peat fibers.

The thick fiber allows the plant a rapid root. Blonde fiber provides texture to the substrate, while black peat provides an improvement in water retention capacity. The substrate incorporates a fertilizer 18-10-20 to facilitate growth and flowering. PH correction at 5-6.

SXXXXX Bullet 250L
S36275 Big bullet 4’5m³

Plantobalt Substrate 0 is especially suitable for ornamental plants that tolerate the salinity of the substrate. The ideal size of the container is less than 11 centimeters.

Technical specifications
Year: 2.000
Minimum order pallet: 29

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