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MANTILLO BURÉS is an organic amendment obtained through organic material of compound plant origin. Especially prepared for professional gardening, it can also be used in other sectors such as horticulture, for planting crops, or as a substrate ingredient, mixing it with inorganic materials (soil, sand).

MANTILLO BURÉS is a mixture of leaf, pine bark, pruning, pineapple and ground and extracted seeds. During the composting process the material is sanitized to eliminate pathogenic genes, adventitious seeds and bad smells.
It is applied on soils and soils poor in organic matter, with the aim of providing more humus to the soil and improving its structure and bearing capacity. It can be applied as a thin layer of mulch on uncovered roots, applying a layer to protect the grass seeds, or plowing to a depth of about 20cm.
MANTILLO is a powder material, with fine granulometry and a dark color. It is sold in bulk.
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