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HUMATOR is a liquid concentrate of humic acids and fulvic acids. It is used to provide organic matter of slow degradation in the crop soil. It is a compound of organic molecules that slowly degrade with a high humic part and a smaller fulvic fraction. This combination allows HUMATOR to work in the medium and long term.

The HUMATOR humic acid concentrate consists of a humic content of 15%. 13% belong to humic acids and 2% to fulvic acids. The increase in soil organic matter that occurs with the liquid application HUMATOR entails a gradual improvement of the physical, chemical and biological conditions of the same, which will result in better health and development of the crop in each of its growth phases: It facilitates the assimilation of nutrients, increases cation exchange capacity, stimulates growth and mobilizes microelements that may be immobilized in the soil.
The benefits of applying a liquid humic organic amendment can be found in the speed and ease of application. It allows easy dispersion through the cultivation soil or container, improving all degraded parts of the soil. Significantly improves the performance of chemical fertilizers in degraded soils.
HUMATOR can be applied in any irrigation system, whether localized or open irrigation. It is recommended to make a stock solution to facilitate its application.
See instructions for use.
HUMATOR can be served in 20 or 1000 liter drums.

Format / Sizing:

1000 l. (tub)
S/P: 1
Ref: S45945

20 l. (tub)
S/P: 34
Ref: S45920

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