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Coconut briquette or coconut briquette is a dehydrated and compressed substrate. It is formed by coconut fibers of different granulometries, to allow its direct use as a substrate without the need to process it.

Coconut is a fibrous and very porous material, which allows a structure capable of growing the plant, and facilitating its growth and root development. Due to its organic properties, coconut is a very slow degradation and stable material, allowing the entire crop without changing its properties.
The growers most familiar with the use of coconut briquette are horticultural growers. They use the coconut substrate for its versatility and low density. Allowing cultivation in containers of any size.
For each dehydrated coconut briquette, up to 8-9 liters of substrate can be obtained. The coconut briquette has dimensions of 20x10x5cm. A subscriber is recommended for cultivation.

In order to be used, rehydration is necessary. 5 liters of water are needed for each coconut briquette.
It is presented dehydrated in the form of a 20 x 10 x 5 cm briquette
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