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Adhesive for artificial grass for professional use, for application on joining gangs. Glue allows a window of time during application, allowing the necessary adjustments for optimal results. To dry the adhesive, its duration is constant in time and not lose adhesion, holding temperatures caused by the sun and rainwater.

The product is available in format 1L, to facilitate the application. It is a glue monoproducte, based MDI. This product is in liquid form, and strengthens and solidifies on contact with the atmosphere, with all finishing solidify within four or five days after application.

Is also in format multi 5kg (A glue catalyst B) in a drum for application with brush or spatula application. It is a structural adhesive with high density polyurethane. Allows the accession of the lawn with the bands of union, and also allows the paste to the pavement, after a surface preparation (cleaning of dust, grease, oils and moisture), allowing a total commitment to a past four days. For the application of the products, it is essential to read the instructions included in the can of adhesive (A) and the respective catalyst (B) to apply the product adequately and meet safety standards.

Available in jerrycans of 1 and 5 kg.

Format / Sizing:
Professional Atrificial Grass Adhesive
Ref. PVG101

Atrificial Grass Hobby Adhesive
Ref. PVG103

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