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Wood Chips are a natural product obtained from selected natural wood chips.

Burés ground covers are products that create an emotional bond with nature. The different combinations of shapes, textures, colors and aromas of these materials offer warmth and harmony in their application in gardens and planters. Floor coverings are organic products, 100% natural, suitable for improving growing conditions in gardens, pots and window boxes. Its application favors the saving of irrigation water avoiding its loss on the surface, regulates the temperature of the soil and reduces the emergence of weeds. The characteristics of these materials make them suitable for use in transit areas: passable mulching.

The Wood Chips have a brownish color and an intense wood aroma (in the fresh product), with a particle size of 10 to 60 mm.
Apply the floor covering evenly on the ground or substrate with a thickness of about 7cm.
With the recommended dose, it guarantees the benefits of ground covers.
Producte disponible únicament a granel.

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Ref: P16020

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