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VERPLANT is a fertilizer of high quality. Fertilizers provide nutrients that are found in the soil. They are added more to avoid temporary deficiencies, and to avoid decompensations. Nitrogen is one of the least effective nutrients due to the losses it suffers. Adding an excess of this nutrient involves a consumption of luxury, wasting resources and polluting the soil.
Its composition is suitable for all types of cultivation. They emphasize the lawn, the green areas, the golf courses, the traditional and urban horticulture, and the flower cultivation.

VERPLANT has a formulation of 15-5-8 + 3MgO, enriched with magnesium. The success of its slow release is the base Urea-formaldehyde, a slow decomposition molecule, which provides at every moment the right amount of nitrogen. It provides a small part of nitrogen in simple forms of methylenurea, to facilitate a rapid reaction in the decomposition. The perfect combination of minerals makes VERPLANT a highly effective fertilizer from the first to the last day.
To fertilize with VERPLANT it is recommended to use it before the first cultivation, incorporating it in the first layer of the land (between 5-8 cm of depth). It is recommended to make a VERPLANT application in the spring season.
Appearance sandal, white. Microgranulated 0.5-1.5 mm

Format / Sizing:

25 kg. (coat)
S / P: 50
Description: 15-5-8S + 3 MgO
Ref: S67750

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