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SOLUPLANT is a special chemical fertilizer for fertigation. Its compounds allow a dissolution of 100% of the product. Slightly acidic pH prevents possible sequestering in the irrigation system, without the need to add nitric acid. The nutrients are provided in completely soluble forms and easily assimilable for the plant. The microelements are presented in chelated form to avoid the fixation to the soil.
SOLUPLANT is the most complete range of fertilizers from Brescia Profesional, offering a fertilizer per crop and its condition.

Distributors all over Spain.

The formulation NPK 15-5-30 (ratio 1: 1/3: 2) facilitates the fruiting and growth of plants. Its most habitual use is viverismo, the fruit culture and horticulture.
In order to apply Soluplant, the calculation of the needs of the plant, the soil and the water must be carried out. The Soluplant must be chosen according to the crop to be ferririgar and its state, as well as the season of the year and the temperature.
The application is done directly in the irrigation tank, adding the correct dose and mixing until the product is totally dissolved. Check irrigation regulators and check status regularly.

Format / Sizing:

25 kg. (bag)
S/P: 50
Description: 15-5-30+2MgO+Mi
Ref: S67540

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