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PRODEASA substrates are manufactured from high quality raw materials that, precisely mixed, guarantee the effectiveness of the substrate, with adequate drainage and ventilation to the needs of each crop. Each of the substrates has a different composition and a custom subscriber.
All substrates are marketed with the corrected pH (5.5-6.5), and with a base fertilizer (NPK) for the start of the culture.
Among the PRODEASA substrates, there are four large differentiated lines in terms of type of material and its properties.

With fast rooting effect.
Substrates made with long coconut fibre and Sphagnum blonde peat to improve crop rooting.
In this line of substrates can be combined: calibrated or uncalibrated blonde peat and coconut fibre.

The TC-3 substrate is made with calibrated peat, coconut and superfine coconut. It is a high-performance substrate that allows maximum production of the plants. Its properties allow it to maintain a constant aeration and drainage capacity throughout the crop.

The substrate made with peat and 2 varieties of coconut fibre allow the plant to germinate prematurely, which translates into greater growth and stronger roots.
The TC-3 substrate has a base 15-7-15S + 3MgO subscriber for the first weeks of cultivation. If the crop is medium or long cycle it is recommended to add a FertiCote controlled release fertilizer.

TC-3 is recommended for outdoor crops with controlled or greenhouse irrigation. It is advised in crops of Mediterranean and citrus shrub plants in container.

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Ref: P00900

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