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PRODEASA substrates are made from high quality raw materials which, when mixed together, ensure substrate efficiency and proper drainage and ventilation for each crop. Each substrate has a different composition and a tailor-made fertilizer.
All substrates are commercialized with a corrected pH (5.5-6.5) and a base fertilizer (NPK) for the start of cultivation.
Between the substrates PRODEASA stand out four big lines differentiated with regard to type of material and his properties.

Substrates made with ECOBOSC to obtain more resistant crops and better support transplantation in the soil.
It is the perfect alternative to peat, as the natural presence of beneficial microorganisms in the compound has favorable effects on plant growth and its tolerance to adverse conditions. Its formulation also includes volcanic putzolane (to facilitate drainage and maintain substrate structure) and 35% Sphagnum blond peat.
With hardening effect on plants.

The BVT substrate is a substrate made from Ecobosc compound, volcanic clay and putzolana. An important component in the substrate is the pine bark, which has a suppressive effect on some diseases and fungi of the plant.
The BVT has high water retention thanks to the clay, which retains some of the water and gradually releases it. In addition, it improves cation exchange, making the most of the nutrients. The weight of the clay makes it difficult to fall due to the wind. Volcanic gives the substrate the porosity needed to aerate the substrate and maintain it throughout the growing season.

The composition of this mixture is notable for its presence in clay, which improves the drought resistance of the substrate and improves its cation exchange and nutrient storage capacity. This substrate allows to distance irrigation and fertilizers.
The substrate for eco-friendly containers allows the plant to take root easily and live comfortably. At the same time, it complies with the requirements for high-level planting. It allows the shrub or tree to take root strongly, aiding the clamps.
The substrate has a density of 1405kg / m3.

The BVT can be used in container cultivation (nursery, transplants), directly to the ground or for landscaping (gardening and landscaping).

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