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PRODEASA substrates are manufactured from high quality raw materials that, precisely mixed, guarantee the effectiveness of the substrate, with adequate drainage and aeration to the needs of each crop. Each of the substrates has a different composition and a custom subscriber.
All substrates are marketed with the corrected pH (5.5-6.5), and with a base fertilizer (NPK) for the start of the culture.
Among the PRODEASA substrates, there are four large differentiated lines in terms of type of material and its properties.

Substrates made with ECOBOSC that allow more resistant crops to be obtained and that better support soil transplantation.
It is the perfect alternative to peat, since the natural presence of beneficial microorganisms in the compost, has favourable effects for the growth of plants and their tolerance to adverse conditions. Its formulation also includes volcanic pozzolana (to facilitate drainage and maintain the structure of the substrate) and 50% of Sphagnum blonde peat.
With hardening effect of plants.

The mixture of the components allows the frequency of irrigation to be distanced in a way that facilitates the management of the nursery, obtaining plants more resistant to water stress after transplantation.
It is the professional gardening substrate, recommended for growing in planters, containers and large pots of all types of plants. Suitable for outdoor growing of medium-long-cycle plants in containers and in large pots, especially indicated for shrubby plants.

The combination of BV50 components gives rise to a very versatile substrate that allows the frequency of irrigation to be distanced, thus facilitating its management. In the same way, due to their physical characteristics and their hydrological behaviour, plants are more resistant to stress after transplantation.
The BV50 substrate can be used in a wide variety of coniferous and shrub species, preferably medium-long-cycle grown outdoors, in a larger container and pot.

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