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Substrate made with 100% Sphagnum blonde peat from Latvia peat bogs. It incorporates 0.8kg fertilizer and wetting agents for hygrophilic improvement. Its fine grain size is suitable for young plants and aromatic plants.

The Plantobalt Substrate 1 incorporates a professional tanning with an NPK 18-10-20 with microelements. The pH of the substrate has been corrected to 5-6. To improve the properties, it incorporates a wetting agent that improves water retention.

The substrate is presented in different granulometries and formats.

S36260 250L Bullet
S36276 Bullet of 4’5m³

medium (7-20mm)
S36262 Bullet of 250L

thick (20-40mm)
S36263 Bullet of 250L

Plantobalt Substrate 0 is especially suitable for the cultivation of aromatic and young plants in containers with a diameter of less than 8 cm.

Technical specifications
Year: 2.000
Minimum order pallet: 29

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