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Based natural absorbent pine bark crushed to fine particle size. This material has the ability to act as hydrophobic liquid absorbent. What enhances this material is the collection of products that do not solubilize in water, after a previous limitation of pollutants with mechanical barriers. Allowing the crust, is to catch or absorb these toxic in their pores, allowing a more effective mechanical and the residue collected.

This material can also be used on pavements, as it acts on the same principle of action. Being easily to pick up, it makes a product that can be used on a smaller scale, such as auto repair shops, gas stations, road accidents, and in almost every conceivable case.

This product stands out for its versatility and virtue can spend time from collection to its management in a waste treatment plant, no bad odor from decomposition. Being plant material, it also allows a natural treatment of waste, using the effect of aerobic bacteria that decompose toxic.

Technical specifications:
Mnimum order m³: 10

Ref. P15510

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