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KELAMIX Fe is a fully water soluble, micro-granulated iron chelate (Fe EDDHA). It contains 6% iron stabilized by the ortho-ortho isometer of the EDDHA molecule, which is the most efficient in soils with basic pH. Iron chlorosis corrector due to deficiency or induction

Iron (Fe) soluble in water and chelated as EDDHA … 6%
Chelating agent: EDDHA
Iron (Fe) chelated (ortho-ortho * isometer): 3.5%
Stable at pH: 3.5-9.5
* EN-13368-2 method

Iron deficiency typically manifests as internervial chlorosis or yellowing; that is, the veins of the leaves retain their normal green color while the rest of the leaf blade turns pale yellow.
KELAMIX Fe is an iron chelate in the form of microgranules that dissolves in water very easily.
KELAMIX Fe corrects and prevents iron chlorosis in any type of crop (citrus, fruit, vine, hazelnut, horticultural and ornamental) and in any type of soil.
In fruit and citrus trees, it is recommended to apply the product at the beginning of vegetative activity, in early spring.
It can also be used during cultivation when symptoms of iron chlorosis appear, although doses should be increased.
In horticultural or ornamental crops it can be applied at any time during cultivation, although it is preferable when planting or during the first stages of plant growth.

Format / Sizing
50 gr. (sachet)
5kg. (drum)
Ref: S47960

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