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KELAMIX ELITE is a 6% Fe-EDDHA iron chelate, microgranilated and totally soluble in water. It contains 4.8% iron in the ortho-ortho isometer, which is the most effective and available form for plants.

Its extreme purity and high solubility allow to obtain high quality productions and an excellent performance. Its high solubility ensures penetration into the soil to the root zone quickly and effectively, guaranteeing uniformity of treatments.

KELAMIX Elite can be applied dissolved in water: in localized irrigation or micro-sprinkling, with an injection lance (maximum 1-2 injections per m2 at 20-30cm depth) or any other system that allows the product to be located near the root zone.
KELAMIX Elite can be used whenever it is desired to correct an iron chlorosis, being advisable if applied before sprouting, with a preventive character or when the deficiency appears, with a curative character.
KELAMIX Elite is presented in a microgranulate format and can be found in 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg containers.

Format / Sizing:

20 Kg. (drum)
S/P: 18
Ref: S46050
5 Kg. (drum)
S/P: 60
Ref: S46040
1 Kg. (drum)
S/C: 9

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