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FertiGreen belongs to the range of fertilizers for lawns and green areas of professional burs. Ideal for parks and gardens, green areas, meadows, public gardens, etc.
Like any plant, the lawn needs the correct inputs of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as other microelements. Lack of nutrients or a wrong ratio can lead to deterioration of the lawn.

FertiGreen slow release or slow release fertilizers are formulated based on urea-methylene and UFFLEX ™, an inhibitor of nitrification with urea. Applying a rational fertilization contributes to the conservation of the environment, avoiding soil contamination. FertiGreen optimizes the flow of nutrients, releasing to the proper extent, avoiding excessive losses by washing, leaching or decomposition.
As a general rule the green areas need an NPK contribution with a 4-1-2 ratio.

FertiGreen SLOW is a mineral fertilizer microgranulado with a NPK 20-5-8 + 2MgO, a formulation designed for an application during the warmer times of the year, spring summer.
FertiGreen SLOW contains 11% slow release nitrogen. It has a very low solubility and decomposes very slowly releasing ammonia that allows the cycle of the compost is of 4 months until to give off all the nitrogen.
FertiGreen SLOW is presented in microgranulated format for better absorption of nutrients by the plant and an effective and comfortable application. The standard dose is 20-35g / m2 (200-350kg / ha).
The product is presented in 25kg bags

Format / Sizing:

25 kg. (bag)
S/P: 40
C/B: 8426580 00041 4
Description: 20-4-10s+2Mg0
Ref: S59900

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