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CULTIVATOR 30 PLUS is a professional grow bag consisting of a mixing substrate, specially designed for soilless cultivation of a wide variety of plant species.

CULTIVATOR is a professional cultivation system in which a mixing substrate is used, specially designed for soilless cultivation of a wide variety of plant species. The bag acts as a covered container, avoiding contact of the substrate with the soil and air particles. It is used as a substitute for poor or depleted soils and to avoid the appearance of diseases derived from cultivation in the soil. In this sense, it prevents impurities from the air, spores or other suspended elements from falling onto the substrate and germinating during cultivation, and from harmful microorganisms proliferating. The substrate acts both as a support for the plant and as a nutrient store.

The substrate is usable both in short growing cycles and in long growing cycles.
Thanks to the properties of CULTIVATOR 30 PLUS and its formulation, a uniform growth of the entire production is obtained.
The bag format allows cultivation on contaminated soils, or in paved greenhouses or with anti-grass mesh.
In greenhouse crops, the grow bag can be used for up to three seasons.
Two-layer container (white-black) with inhibitor treatments to ensure its stability on exposure alone.
With a NPK 15-7-15S + 3MgO bottom fertilizer with slow release nitrogen, for vigorous growth of the crop.
CULTIVATOR 30 PLUS planting substrate presents excellent results in cut flower (Amelia, Carnation, Lilium, Chrysanthemum, ...) and horticultural (cucumber, zucchini, melon, strawberry, tomato, ...) productions.
Up to 12 plants can be planted in the bag.
It comes in 30 x 95 cm (27.5 liter) grow bags. If the client wishes, the holes can be marked to facilitate the transplant of the campus to the bag.
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