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Ref. S36253
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Peat screened of different granulometries. Especially indicated for the elaboration or preparation of substrates for gardening. The substrate is prepared without additives. It can be used as a soil improver, as an addition to humus or as an ingredient in the soil.
Sphagnum peat or blond peat is used to improve both hygroscopic and ventilation properties of substrates.


This peat is not suitable for acidophilic plants. In order to use Plantobalt peat, it must be prepared to obtain the best conditions and optimum performance from day one. It is necessary to wet the substrate, before mixing it with the soil. To know if it is in good condition, you only have to press the substrate with your hand and let it out of the water.

Format / Sizing:

Plantobalt peat is sold in different grain sizes and different sizes, depending on the needs of each client.

Standard (0-40mm)
S36211 Bullet 150L
S36200 Bullet 250L
S36250 Big bullet 4’5m³
S36261 Big bullet 6m³

Fine (0-7mm)
S36201 Bullet 250L
S36251 Big bullet 4’5m³

Medium (7-20mm)
S36204 Bullet 250L
S36252 Big bullet 4’5m³

Large (20-40mm)
S36205 Bullet 250L
S36253 Big bullet 4’5m³

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