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AQUAFERTIL is a special leaf fertilizer for professional farming. It is designed with components of high quality and high purity to obtain the best absorption, obtaining a product of great efficiency.

The formulation with 1-1-1 ratio is expressly designed for plants that do not need a special nutrient. It is also advisable in initial crops, cut flower crops, potted plants, or to maintain crops in a vegetative state.
The pH of AQUAFERTIL is slightly acidic to prevent burns to any part of the plant.
To apply AQUAFERTIL necessary to dissolve the appropriate amounts in a tank of water and apply with sprayer.
It can be applied simultaneously with other phytosanitary treatments, as long as it has not described an incompatibility, and its pH exceeds 8.5.
The appearance of the product is a very fine transparent powder.
The product comes in a plastic container of 5 kg capacity.
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