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VIGORHUMUS H-50 is a certified organic-mineral fertilizer for organic farming with a high content of potassium (12%) and remarkable in nitrogen and potassium, and micronutrients such as iron. It provides secondary macronutrients and micronutrients. Its optimal mixture allows the soil maximum fertility.
Its contribution of organic nitrogen allows the slow release of this nutrient in the soil and, therefore, the gradual assimilation by the crop. The high humic fraction contributes to the availability of phosphorus and micronutrients during the cultivation cycle.


VIGORHUMUS H-50 is registered in the Fertilizer Products Registry with file number F0003062 / 2027, according to Royal Decree 506/2013 on fertilizer products.


VIGORHUMUS H-50 is a product suitable for organic farming according to Council Regulation (EEC) 834/2007, of June 28, 2007, on production and labeling of organic products, licensed by the Agency and Sohiscert Certification with the number of certificate NºCT71PAE-19.15.

VIGORHUMUS H-50 is an organic and mineral fertilizer with NPK 4-5-12 and rich in micronutrients that unites the best qualities of organic and mineral fertilizer. Its organic properties make it easier for the soil to fix nutrients, and prevent loss of fertility. The high organic matter content provides the soil with an improvement in its physical and chemical structure (porosity, drainage, cation exchange ...). Its mineral fraction acts as a source of other nutrients.
The high potassium content makes it especially suitable for flowering and fruiting times.
VIGORHUMUS H-50 can be applied as a base or cover subscription. It can be spread over the surface or mixed in the upper layer of the soil. The recommended time of application is the beginning of the stages of vegetative growth of the crops, carrying out superficial work.
VIGORHUMUS H-50 is a fine dark gray or black powder. It can be found in bulk, in a big bag and in a bag.
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